Why Maersk’s Triple E class ships are a big deal for the seasteading community

I blog mostly essays, but sometimes the news are interesting for the Utopia. Here, I quickly point out that the recent launch of Maersk’s Triple E is important for seasteading projects. Why should I talk about a ship? How is that related to the Knowledge Utopia? Well part of the Utopia is to set appart a small part of the world for scientists to be free, to have the scientific community in one libertarian place where science can be done without any barrier. I will detail that later in an essay, but for now, let’s look at this ship.

This year, Maersk Line is putting into service 3 of the 20 ships of the Triple-E class, the biggest container vessels in the world, with a capacity of 18,000 containers.

That is massive. The Triple Es are nearly as long as the Empire State Building is tall.

Copyright Bloomberg Businessweek
Copyright Bloomberg Businessweek

Such a big ship could hold an entire city. Houses are build using 3; 6 or more containers, and this beast can store 18,000 of them. Just imagine the kind of structures that could be built using so many containers. Potentially hundreds, if not thousands of people could live there.

That’s what make the Triple Es a good platform for seasteading experiments like what the Seasteading Institute of Patri Friedman is proposing. Such platforms would allow «hypotheses» of government forms to be tested.

I would love to put a scientific community on a seastead, to let them do science freely (this is a rough draft of a more ambitious project, I will describe it in a long essay).


One Triple E class ship costs about 185 million dollars, which is quite a fair amount of money for such a big platform. What the Seasteading Institute should do is buy one of these ships to use it as their first platform. Many superstructures could be built on it, to create a true floating city.

Put this ship in the international waters, and experiment!

Seasteading is one of the way we could build or try new societies, new forms of governments, etc. But I’ll probably talk about Seasteading later. That and space colonies are in my opinion the only way to try these new things.

So, Seasteading Institute, raise money to build a ship like this, I want to buy some real estate on board.



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